Optimum immunity and healthy digestion are supported by the addition of a unique blend of dried plants – naturally rich in antioxidants – supplemented with prebiotics and β-glucans. Clinical studies show that plaque and tartar formation are reduced thanks to the added phosphorylated vitamin C. The amount of minerals is tailored to promote good pH and contribute to a healthy urinary tract. Fish oil promotes healthy skin and coat. Vegetable fibre and beet pulp help reduce hairball formation. Formulated without maize or wheat.

Available 2kg | 7kg

dried salmon (20%), rice, dried chicken, animal fat, peas, dried potatoes, minerals, beet pulp, hydrolyzed chicken protein, vegetable fiber, dried antarctic krill, brewer's yeast, fish oil, g.o.s, m.o.s., f.o.s., β-glucans, dried plants (rosmarinus sp. curcuma sp., eugenia sp.).
32% crude protein - 19% crude oils and fats - 1,8% crude fibres - 7,4% crude ash - 1,45% calcium - 1,15% phosphore - 0,75% omega 3
Sterk immuunsysteem
Strong immunesystem
Vermindert tandplak
Reduces dental plaque
Rijk aan energie
High energy
Gezonde urinewegen
Healthy urinary tract
Gezonde huid & vacht
Healthy skin & coat
Gezonde spijsvertering
Healthy digestion