A new challenge for cats that triggers them to venture out of their basket and stimulates play.

These reward treats are convenient to have with you whilst out and about or during training. They are small, which makes them ideal to reward your dog for good behaviour at any time in the day.

Every dog deserves a treat every now and then. Dog biscuits are delicious snacks between meals and the chicken snacks are a tasty addition to the daily diet. Enough choice to spoil your dog with a different treat time and again.

Not only are these snacks a real treat for your dog, they also have a healthy effect. They clean your dog’s teeth, for instance, or they may contain fats and oils that are good for your dog’s coat.

These snacks will keep your dog busy. Dogs like to chew, which is why it is a good idea to give them a (dental) bone every now and then. These snacks are slightly harder, making them very suitable for prolonged and daily chewing.

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